Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Should we hold them Accountable, or look forward?

Did anyone who comments here actually listen to the conversation on the video? There are two forms of 'world order'; one that controls the world, a top-down pyramid, and its opposite, a pyramid upside-down, where the world is a sustainable place composed of one world, no nations, tribes, or families, of sovereign individuals. We have to build a just system, a reverse pyramid, with the people on top, but just like the architecture, this new model defies the gravity of human nature, only a clever social architect can succeed.

The traitors who have killed the U.S. Constitution in the name of 'Security' while stuffing their fascist pockets deserve to hang. The term 'which hunt' refers to a false accusation, a fictional justice, to scape goat innocent, and our history is full of them, always they are started by the elite, the conservative, and the religious. This is not a which hunt.

IN THIS CASE, we have direct evidence of an evil conspiracy to destroy the Bill of Rights, imprison and torture American Citizens, and subvert the rule of law. All of the accused are guilty by their own admission in the press, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Wu, Gonzalez, and others, all admitted to treason and breaking their oath of office, by outing our secret CIA agents, and authorizing torture, rendition, and going to the "dark side". If we don't hold them accountable then the next President above the law will do worse.

There is an alternative, with the unitary executive powers that our new war time President, Barack H. Obama inherits from G.W., he could declare Bush and the others all enemy combatants, take them to off-shore prisons and torture the truth out of them, and be fully within his rights under the law. May he be a benevolent dictator.

These Republican Bastards have destroyed the U.S. Constitution, and taken our country. It is time to fight and get it back.

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