Friday, January 23, 2009

"The Curvature of Constitutional Space: What Lawyers Can Learn From Modern Physics," 103 Harvard Law Review 1 (1989).

In 1989, while the rest of us were in Juvenile Hall defending ourselves against both the administration and the predators, Barack Obama was working with harvard professors to further the understanding of law by comparing constitutional patterns to those of physics. I'm not saying he is smarter than I am, I couldn't get access to his the archive to read Laurance H. Tribe's article, but I know that it took me till I was 24 to understand realitivity, and I was past 32 when I finally grasped Quantum Mechanics, I'll be 40 soon, and I still don't see the social consequences of M-Theory (a subset of String-theory), or any way to a GUT. Yet at age 30, Obama was trying to inform people about the new understanding of curved legal space.

Listen to this podcast essay from PRI, and judge for yourself. Are you smarter than Obama? I'm not, and that's saying something.

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