Tuesday, July 29, 2008

History will be made in House Judiciary Committee

The House Judiciary Committee held historic hearings on Friday about whether the White House overstepped its constitutional authority during the presidency of George W. Bush and whether or not such abuses would justify his impeachment.

Watch the Video or Listen to the Pod-cast on Democracy Now

Americans want to know whether our nation’s highest-ranking officials broke the law to justify the invasion of Iraq. Many in our nation and around the world wonder whether today the Bush White House is planning to illegally attack Iran. - REP. TAMMY BALDWIN

I fear that in the event that the current administration continues with its secret actions, with motives and purposes that are not known or not revealed, if this administration during the last six months decides to attack the sovereign nation of Iran, then Americans will look back and think and rethink whether or not it would have been worth pursuing impeachment at this time to deter any further misdoing by this administration. - REP. HANK JOHNSON

The executive branch has destroyed the Constitution’s time-honored checks and balances, taken the nation perilously close to executive despotism. The executive branch rejects the basic philosophical tenets of the United States of America. It does not accept that America was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that sovereignty in a republican form of government lies with the people, not with the executive; that there are no vassals or serfs in the Constitution’s landscape; that every man and woman is a king or queen, but no one wears a crown; and that the rule of law is the nation’s civic religion. And the founding fathers fashioned impeachment as a remedy for attacks against the Constitution order. - Ben Fein

VINCENT BUGLIOSI: On December 9th, 1998, a previous House Judiciary Committee issued four articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton for doing something infinitely less significant than what the evidence shows the Bush administration did in this case. Indeed, it is a calumny, a slander of the highest rank, to even talk about them in the same breath or on the same page. If a House Judiciary Committee could recommend that President Clinton be impeached for what he did, as they say in the law, a fortiori, all the more so, with all the highly incriminating evidence that I set forth in my book, much of it documentary, you shouldn’t have any difficulty making a criminal referral to the Department of Justice to commence a criminal investigation of the Bush administration to determine whether first-degree murder charges should be brought against certain members of this administration. And I hereby strongly urge you to do so. Whether Republican or Democrat, all Americans should be absolutely outraged over what the Bush administration has done. How dare they do what they did? How dare they?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CIA Quote: "One of three of the Guantanimo Prisoners were a mistake." - Whoops

The Dark Side - Jane Mayer

How the 'War on Terror' became a war on American Ideals.

Torture, Secret Prisons, Bad intelligence, Innocent prisoners, come take a walk on the DARK SIDE.


Hmmmm... I wonder why they hate the US? (Must be our Freedom)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jail Rove!

$upport Congressman Wexler

Impeach President Bush

At issue here is nothing less than the Rule of Law:
The President does not have the authority to violate US law.

Let there be no mistake, we must not waver in our fight against terrorism, but we cannot allow this fight to be used as a means of undermining the most fundamental American civil liberties and human rights.

This Administration has seized every opportunity to use terrorist threats to scare the public and improperly consolidate power in the Executive. In turn, the public has watched as two centuries of constitutional protections are torn apart. Our enemies across the world use brutal, monstrous tactics to scare us. In response, Bush and Cheney illegally formulated their own American brand of brutality - including water boarding and infliction of physical pain that gives the impression of impending death.

By torturing prisoners - the Administration has put us in even greater danger - as whatever information that is gained through past torture would likely be inadmissible and endanger the trials of those that we would otherwise want to keep detained.

We must stand against the illegal and outrageous actions of the Bush Administration – actions that definitely constitute high crimes.

I will continue to stand beside you as we force accountability for this White House. Keep up your efforts and keep faith.

Congressman Robert Wexler

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Imagine ...

Imagine, for a moment, what we could have done in those days, and months, and years after 9/11.

We could have deployed the full force of American power to hunt down and destroy Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and all of the terrorists responsible for 9/11, while supporting real security in Afghanistan.

We could have secured loose nuclear materials around the world, and updated a 20th century non-proliferation framework to meet the challenges of the 21st.

We could have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in alternative sources of energy to grow our economy, save our planet, and end the tyranny of oil.

We could have strengthened old alliances, formed new partnerships, and renewed international institutions to advance peace and prosperity.

We could have called on a new generation to step into the strong currents of history, and to serve their country as troops and teachers, Peace Corps volunteers and police officers.

We could have secured our homeland--investing in sophisticated new protection for our ports, our trains and our power plants.

We could have rebuilt our roads and bridges, laid down new rail and broadband and electricity systems, and made college affordable for every American to strengthen our ability to compete.

We could have done that.

Instead, we have lost thousands of American lives, spent nearly a trillion dollars, alienated allies and neglected emerging threats - all in the cause of fighting a war for well over five years in a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

- Barak Obama, June 15th, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lara Logan - Superhero

You awake yet?

8 Days vs. 8 years.

Are you Happy?

"I've been paying very close attention...", that's not funny

Who can list all the scandals of the G.W. years without taking a breath?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day?

How much money do you have in savings?

Are your basic needs met?

Do you think your future looks good?

Do you have health insurance? (are you sure?)

What did your education teach you?

The Dollar is depreciating.

Inflation is increasing.

Unemployment is increasing.

The Federal Budget Deficit is higher than ever.

The National Debt is over $9-Trillion.

Real wages are at the lowest point since 1933.

The greatest depression in modern history is just ahead, are you ready?

The IRAQ WAR has cost each of US 300,000,000 citizens about $20,000.00 each.

$600,000,000,000.00 To DATE.

Estimated future costs of IRAQ WAR = $2-3 TRILLION

God Bless America.

Never Forget

Building 7 WTC 2001

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