Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Voting Reform

What should we do about computer voting? It is obvious we need the paper trail, and that each voter should be able to check their ballot when they vote by seeing it put in the machine and seeing that their vote was counted accurately. However, in most states if the margin is grater than 1.6% no recount is legally authorized. So, if someone was able to 'adjust' the tally, by somehow manipulating the digital vote, then there would be no recount of the paper ballots.


We obviously need absolute transparency. In California, a Ray Lutz, an active political activist, has proposed that the Optical Scan Machines also be designed to take a digital image of every ballot and instantaneously upload that digital image to the internet, thus providing a perfectly transparent election. This solution, would allow every individual voter to check their own ballot was properly cast and counted, but would also allow anyone anywhere in the world to audit our elections, and we would know that our elections are fair and valid.

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