Sunday, November 16, 2008

Corporate Welfare, where will it end?

In response to Wes Clark's Op-Ed
"What's Good for G.M. Is Good for the Army.."

Please view the documentary

and see how GM abused the use of No-Bid Contracts to "LEASE" Suburbans to the US Military and other Offensive Forces at $250,000 per vehicle, and then wrote off any units that were waisted and destroyed. They abuse our military budget when their price for one inefficient SUV could have paid for several years of a soldiers expenses and pay raises. They abuse our national security when they bribe politicians to be part of the scheme, have they reached into WES CLARK's pocket, too? The US Car industry has become part of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex and created the problems we now face, they are a corrupting influence in collaboration with big oil companies and other war profiteers.

These companies like GM have grown fat and lazy, they have already failed. If they were producing cars that weigh half as much, get twice the gas milage, and were safer because of new technology, then you could argue they should survive, but instead they look for handouts from the tax payers, a corporate socialist solution to a capitalist problem. They have become the very thing they chose to create; "Planned Obsolescence".

This is not the time to prop up these failing dinosaurs and throw good money after bad. We should let the laws of the free market take their course. If you feel that American industrial power is necessary for military power, then use the Billion$ you would waste on bailing out fat GM salaries, and instead empower small business with incentive loans up to $100-million so that laid off industrial workers and entrepreneurs can buy-up the failing industrial plants and re-tool them to compete with the "BIG 3" Oligopoly. Once Yankee Ingenuity has the chance to compete again, we can create a new green economy, using high technology and efficiency. Using true free market systems, we can out maneuver other economies, but not if we bail out GM.

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