Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Join the Debate!

Last Sunday, at the San Diego County Community Coalition's Progressive Summit Meeting, five progressive candidates from around the county gave their stump speeches and answered questions from the crowd.

Mike Copass - A Progressive Democrat for U.S. Congress, 53rd District (Running against Susan Davis)
Copass, a molecular biologist, said some interesting things about education and opportunity, and the "systematic destruction of American potential".

Raymond Lutz - Democratic Candidate for California's 77th Assembly District and founder of the Citizens' Oversight Projects. Ray had some very interesting ideas about how to provide accountability and transparency in our democratic voting processes. Namely: NO electronic Voting Machines, Paper Ballots, and Visual Scanners to Digitally Copy Every Ballot and make them available online for independent verification by all!

Ray Lutz, also answered questions about the SDG&E "Sunrise Powerlink", a $2-BILLION scam to import liquified natural gas from Indonesia, turn it into electricity in Mexicali, then bring the energy across the border by way of this new taxpayer funded transmission link. We must stop the Powerlink!

Next, Floyd Morrow - Running for San Diego Mayor, Democrat. He blew me out of the water with his candid comments about the nature of politics and his understanding that the systems of power are created to put our natural resources in under the control of a very few.

Cheryl Ede - Democrat for US Congress, 50th District, running against Brian Bilbray. She was very composed and professional, gave her speech with aplomb, then stepped out before questions were asked.

Rudy Reyes - Running for San Diego County Supervisor. Reyes was a burn surviver from the 2003 San Diego County Cedar Fire, and after watching the county burn again in fall 2007 he has stepped up to fix the problems with our fire fighting policies. His tragic story may give us a progressive, proactive approach to county supervision.

Next Sunday: come witness a historic debate between incumbent Democratic Congresswoman, Susan Davis, and up and coming Progressive, Mike Copass.

Contact: Jill Kleinman
Phone: 619.818.6353
Email: jill@mikecopass.com
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2008

Democratic Challenger Mike Copass to Debate Congresswoman Susan Davis

San Diego -

- Declaring that voters are "frustrated by the incumbent's refusal to take action on issues, particularly Iraq," Democratic congressional candidate Mike Copass will meet four-term Congresswoman Susan Davis for a debate on Sunday, May 25. Sponsored by Common Cause and moderated by The League of Women Voters, the debate will be held at 2:30 p.m. at the Joyce Beers Community Center in the Hillcrest/Uptown Shopping Center on Vermont Street, 1-1/2 blocks north of University Avenue.

Copass, a Stanford- and Harvard-educated microbiologist and small businessman, has received the endorsement of Progressive Democrats of America, San Diego Democracy for America and Southern California Americans for Democratic Action. "Voters have rejected Congresswoman Davis in frustration, because she continues to vote to fund and extend an occupation in Iraq that the nation neither wants nor can afford," Copass states.

Copass and Davis are competing in the primary election on June 3 for a seat representing California's 53rd Congressional District. With a cosmopolitan population, the 53rd encompasses the greater part of the urban San Diego area, holding a 16 point Democratic voter registration advantage.

Copass cites resource independence as another reason he is vying for Davis's seat. "We need to have a viable, economically sound energy and water security plan for our region. The numbers are absolutely frightening. We import 90 percent-plus of our water and 98 percent of our energy. It's time to retool our local economy, create green collar jobs and plan for a sustainable future."

For more information or to book an interview with Mike Copass, contact Jill Kleinman at jill@mikecopass.com or visit www.mikecopass.com.

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