Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blackwater is Back

Hi everyone,

I'm sure some of you have already gotten this information, but it is worth spreading. The threat is that mercenary training is becoming the foundation of our economy, boarder security will be sold-out to private military forces, and our acceptance of these gunmen as an economic backbone on our growing empire will allow war profiteers a legitimate form influence in government. We must not allow the American Dream to become the Blackwater Nightmare.

I thought you might be interested in this letter to San Diego Mayor Sanders that I just signed at the Courage Campaign. The letter thanks Mayor Sanders for launching an investigation into the false pretenses Blackwater used to obtain a permit to build a base of operations in San Diego and asks the Mayor to take further leadership -- on behalf of Californians -- to block Blackwater before it's too late.

The danger from Blackwater does not end at the San Diego city limits. And it certainly will not end with the conclusion of this investigation. When it comes to the threat to Californians that is Blackwater, we are ALL citizens of San Diego.

As a fellow Californian, please join me today in signing the letter to Mayor Sanders, which will also be delivered to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Bob Filner:



SageSoilder said...

In regards to the contribution, I am in the US Navy and I feel that independently I would support your cause though if I am required to summit my employeer information than I can not, though I do have personal revenue I can use if applicable.

Brutus said...

It seems to me that if the campaign contribution laws require us to state our employment, in order to expose the source of our 'democratic' election finances, AND you as a soldier don't feel safe listing US MILITARY as your employer, then there is something terribly wrong with our Navy. Are our leaders so afraid of independent thought that they would dare use politics to influence decent among our troops?

Only the people who ever fear the freedom of speech and thought are those who's ideas can not stand up to the light. That is why they hide behind the the veil of 'homeland security' to keep the truth from outing their true motives.

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