Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boots on the Ground by Dusk

Remember Patrick Tillman?

On April 24, 2004 he was killed in Afghanistan. A football hero, who turned down a $3.7 million/year Football contract after 9/11 to fight the "evildoers". He and his brother, Kevin Tillman, Joined the Army Rangers and helped bring Jessica Linch out of that airfield in Iraq. Then Pat was killed, and his body returned to his family, and they even gave him the Silver Star, the US Army's highest medal of honor for his heroic death.

Ironic that he was really killed by "Friendly-Fire". You see Donald Rumsfield needed a hero, because his wars were going badly. So they lied to the family, and made up a story, covered up the true story of his killing. They did it to play on your emotions, and create a hero you could believe in. They didn't want you to know how easily they wasted his life.

Now after four years and many investigations, Mary Tillman, Pat's mother, has written a book, a tribute to her son. Buy the book, and remember the Tillman family every Memorial Day. Remember what war is all about, and who is responsible. Pat will always be a hero in my book, but I see from his family's actions that he comes from a long line of Heros. May they someday have a nation worthy of them, again.

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