Sunday, August 14, 2016

22v #22kills

An 'evil' woman, named Kimberly Long, challenged me to expose the fact that, on average, 22 U.S. Veterans commit suicide each day.

"22 Kill Challenge", which is designed to bring awareness to the unacceptable fact that 22 veterans a day are lost to suicide. Several have noted that this number seems very high, and it is. The 22 comes from a 2013 VA study on suicide rates among veterans- ranging in age from 22 to 60.

The Veterans Crisis Line is a great resource to help prevent suicides of our military people, 1-800-273-8255, press 1! If and when you choose to accept this challenge, post a video of 22 push-ups a day and nominate someone each day for 22 days. ‪#‎22Kill‬

I therefore nominate my twenty-second and final "KILL" to be Barbara Bry, because as the presumptive winner of the my San Diego City Council District, she has the clout to spread the word, and she needs to be challenged.

To repeat my nominations for this challenge:
A: JP Gonzales
B: Mike Paster
C: Michael Hanes
D: John Kerr
E: Kali Katt
F: Keith Russell
G: Garett Donnelly
H: Jess Durfee
I: Save Gasaiwai
J: Dane Oates
K: Mickey Foster
L: Mini Mart
M: Michael McQuary
N: Michael Benoit
O: Justin Valley
P: Fabio Vellozo
Q: Laura Flanders
R: Tim Houston
S: Nancy Casady
T: Marty Curry
U: Anna Goldberg
V: Barbara Bry

I don't generally go in for these chain mail things, but I've had an 'anti-war' (peace) blog since 2007 ( ), and I've often posted articles and stuff about the tragic suicide rate of veterans with PTSD, and complained about the lack of mental-health care in this country.

War Costs:
22 a day
660 a month
8000 per year
128,000 lives of U.S. Soldiers since 2001
(not including victims of murder suicide)

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