Friday, July 8, 2016

22c #22kills

There are many soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan today, and they are here with civilians celebrating Independence Day, only it's not the same for them as for most. We shoot off some fire-crackers, they twinge and flash-back. We eat some over cooked hot-dogs, they think of burning flesh.

An 'evil' woman, named Kimberly Long, challenged me to expose the fact that, on average, 22 U.S. Veterans commit suicide each day.

"22 Kill Challenge", which is designed to bring awareness to the unacceptable fact that 22 veterans a day are lost to suicide. Several have noted that this number seems very high, and it is. The 22 comes from a 2013 VA study on suicide rates among veterans- ranging in age from 22 to 60.

The Veterans Crisis Line is a great resource to help prevent suicides of our military people, 1-800-273-8255, press 1! If and when you choose to accept this challenge, post a video of 22 push-ups a day and nominate someone each day for 22 days. ‪#22Kill

I therefore nominate my third "KILL" to be Michael Hanes . Because, I know he understands government inspired violence.

22-c (video attached taken Apple Photo Booth)

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