Saturday, April 6, 2013

Drone Man Protest

Apparently, it is OK for the US Government to use drones to assassinate US Citizens, but you need a permit to fly your own drone over the the 'Drone Man' in La Jolla.

Early Friday, about 40 protesters organized by the group CodePink descended on an upscale La Jolla neighborhood to stage a street demonstration in front of the home of Neal Blue, chief executive officer of General Atomics, which manufactures the Predator drone.

At Blue’s gated home, protesters had to abort plan to fly a small, drone-like vehicle equipped with a camera of the house. San Diego police stopped the craft’s operator, saying no permit for such a flight had been secured.

The group conducted a similar demonstration later Friday at General Atomics La Jolla offices before moving to Northrop Grumman in Kearny Mesa, whose products include the Global Hawk.

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