Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A new American Hero: the Whistle-Blower

No matter how crazy it may seem, we in the military will try to follow orders, but in the face of years of failure, we fail to adapt.
Your words and your actions have to match or your intentions make no difference. And that's one of the things we (in the US Military) fail to grasp. - Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis
 Listen to the story of our newest American Hero, Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis on 'To the Point', from KCRW  in . After eleven years in Afghanistan, we still don't see an end in sight, it is past time to leave. Now it is just a training ground for US Troops, and a paycheck for the war profiteers.

Read the full story at the New York Times.
“How many more men must die in support of a mission that is not succeeding?“ Colonel Davis asks 
From Armed Forces Journal:
“No one expects our leaders to always have a successful plan,” he says in the article. “But we do expect — and the men who do the living, fighting and dying deserve — to have our leaders tell us the truth about what’s going on.” 
When it comes to deciding what matters are worth plunging our nation into war and which are not, our senior leaders owe it to the nation and to the uniformed members to be candid — graphically, if necessary — in telling them what’s at stake and how expensive potential success is likely to be. U.S. citizens and their elected representatives can decide if the risk to blood and treasure is worth it.
Likewise when having to decide whether to continue a war, alter its aims or to close off a campaign that cannot be won at an acceptable price, our senior leaders have an obligation to tell Congress and American people the unvarnished truth and let the people decide what course of action to choose. That is the very essence of civilian control of the military. The American people deserve better than what they’ve gotten from their senior uniformed leaders over the last number of years. Simply telling the truth would be a good start.
“For Colonel Davis to go out on a limb and help us to understand what’s happening on the ground, I have the greatest admiration for him,” said Representative Walter B. Jones, Republican of North Carolina

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