Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rory Stewart: Time to end the war in Afghanistan

TED talks about Afghanistan
Rory Stewart: Time to end the war

Humility, begin from the position that our power, our knowledge, our ability, is limited. We need to engage in 40 countries, and think about it like MOUNTAIN RESCUE. Look for someone who knows the terrain. You can prepare, but preparation is limited. Two problems, those you can anticipate, and those you can't. The key is a guide. You need a guide who knows when to turn back. Intelligent risk takers weigh their risks and responsibilities.
"When 'failure is not an option', it makes failure invisible, inconceivable, and inevitable. If we limit ourselves to protection of civilians, and avoid the temptation of 'regime change', then with humility, honesty, and realistic expectations, we can achieve something that we can be proud of." - Rory Stewart, who walked across Afghanistan in 2002.

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