Thursday, June 2, 2011

War is a LIE - David Swanson

If you haven't talked to David Swanson or listened to his clear understanding of our current state and historical record, you are missing something. did a recent interview with Swanson about his books, and views on Obama and current issues.

David Swanson is the co-author of "The 35 Articles of Impeachment and the Case for Prosecuting George W. Bush". He was press secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign, is co-founder of, writes for, creator of, Washington Director of, a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, the Backbone Campaign, and Voters for Peace, and a member of the legislative working group of United for Peace and Justice.  To learn more about David Swanson go to

Also, you might want to listen to David Swanson's speech in San Diego from early 2010, and The Mike Copass Interview here.

Also check out his books:

Never Forget

Building 7 WTC 2001

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