Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheat the customrer, a fundamental conflict of interest.

Look, the problem is not that these high level bankers like Goldman Sachs are expert gamers and can manipulate the system by hedging and shorting via third parties while selling the same script to their clients. That's business.

The problem is not that the regulations are to weak or the incompetence of the SEC. The law is clear, and the government is corrupt and incompetent to keep up with the moving target of fraud.

The true problem is the fundamental premise of our capitalist system, that free market economics can work with less than full transparency. The "Federal" Reserve has absolute power to manipulate our economy, via legal tools, and yet profits from the market without ever taking losses if the market fails. 

They get to con the world and when the finite nature of our resources is realized, they put the American public on the hook to insure there 'emergency' loans to prop up their own member banks.
This is the game, a long con where the wealth always wins. An investigation of the fundamental under-workings of our perverted form of capitalism, were oligopolies in every industry undermine democratic systems to their own gain, will yield only more questions.

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