Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ethical Leadership in a time of Economic Crisis

Some people, having lost confidence in the economy, are scared, and search desperately for an ethical leader, they see Warren Buffet as such a person. But Buffet is an opportunist, not a leader, he knows the system, does his homework, and invests his capital wisely. He is not an aggressive eagle who earns his dinner, but a scavenging wolf, perfectly willing to eat road kill on the economic highway, and unwilling to take on a raging bear without a strong pack of hungry dogs.

To those who are afraid of the Bush Depression, have courage. Here is a link to a video that may cause you to calm yourselves down and gain hope that this nation will resolve this crisis and be stronger for it.

Charlie Rose: A conversation with Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary

The pace of decline has already slowed, just six weeks into the Obama administration. President Obama has surrounded himself with the smartest people on the planet. Warren Buffet knows that, and knows his place in this crisis.

Soon Obama will:
1) Implement the Recovery Stimulus
2) Fix Housing Crisis
3) Get Credit Flowing
4) Reform the Financial System
5) Get the World Moving with US

He will improve education, fix healthcare, end the wars, and begin the transition to a sustainable energy economy. Those of us who understand the situation, know exactly where we are, and where we need to go. We should remain calm in this crisis and lead the worthy to safety. It is our job to do our part to educate our neighbors and make sure that our representatives don't get in the way.

Obama is laying the foundation for a more productive, efficient, transparent economy. This is economically sensible, fiscally responsible, and fulfills our moral obligations.

The US people are now in the analysis stage, finding out how deep the problems truly are. I have no doubt that we need a series of paradigm shifts in our national economic systems, and the economic landscape will be completely different on the other side of this crisis, but only the corrupt 1% who have benefited most from the past 8 years need worry, the vast majority have nothing to loose and the world to gain.

Please do not give heed to any Republican sheep-people, they are not sane and can not think for themselves. They are the losers here, and as elitists they can't stand the fact they utterly failed. They have been following false profits (sic) and have no idea what to do now. Having claimed that they should be our leaders, they have been lying to themselves,now their schemes have crashed, proving them unworthy, and shattering their self delusions. They are adrift, lost in darkness, in denial, and the uncertain future panics them. Best to give them the rope to hang themselves, and just step back.

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