Friday, October 10, 2008

Pelosi Must Go.

When Congress ultimately completely ignored the almost unilateral
voice of the American people AGAINST the bailout for billionaire
bankers, it was supposed to restore confidence to the financial
markets. It has done exactly the opposite, as the stock market has
dropped over 1,000 points SINCE the Senate passed it. Indeed the only
substantial up day was the one AFTER the original House rejection.

And in case anyone missed it, according to our Constitution, ALL
funding bills must originate in the House. So -- by using preemptive
Senate passage to hustle reluctant House members, Nancy Pelosi has
once again presided over a further enfeeblement of the chamber she is
supposed to be leading, just as she grossly abused her power and
defied the Constitution herself in blocking action on impeachment.

Pelosi Must Go.

TV Spot Action Page:

She must be defeated in four weeks by Cindy Sheehan who is on the
ballot for the 8th congressional district of California in San
Francisco, and who is collecting powerful endorsements from sources
like the Bay Area Guardian.

Please watch Cindy Sheehan's new TV spot, which with your help can be
running in heavy rotation in her district within a day or two.

By arrogantly dismissing our literally millions of phone calls and
emails vehemently opposed to this lunatic policy blunder, Congress
has demonstrated that they are for the most part beyond redemption.
We have only one practical recourse. Vote the cowardly losers out of
office as just soon as possible, and replace each and every one of
them with strong progressives who WILL be accountable to the people.

We MUST Help Cindy Sheehan defeat Nancy Pelosi

This is our only real chance for the next two years. Nothing would
send a stronger message that the voice of the people actually COUNTS
for something that a resounding victory for Cindy Sheehan in the
Congressional race for the 8th district of California against Nancy
Pelosi in just 4 weeks. NOTHING would send a stronger message to the
gutless wimps in Congress that their reign of cowardice is over.

What we need is literally a tsunami of donations to put Cindy
Sheehan's new TV spot on the air, where she pulls no punches about
the abject failure of Pelosi to lead. If you are frustrated, if you
are angry, if you can make a donation of any amount, please do so
from the page below.

Watch The New TV Spot:

And as if all this weren't galling enough. How do you like how Bush
came out in the Rose Garden after signing the "Fox In Charge Of The
Hen House Bill" to basically say, "Thanks, chumps."?

How dare they call themselves "Representatives"? How dare they! With
their phones flooded a hundred to one shouting down this massive
theft from the American taxpayer, with such an avalanche of emails
coming the House email servers almost crashed, how dare they?! And
guess what, the people were right. The hundreds of top economists
pleading for sanity and a hearing were right.

Pelosi, the queen of the cave-ins, must be defeated. There can be no
honor in allowing her to remain in office. Shame on us if we don't do
everything we could have done to remove her. Then and only then can
all the other things that need to be done to fix this disaster be

And please, if you are the San Francisco area. Cindy needs an army of
volunteers to hit the streets inspiring voters. And even if you are
not, you can help make phone calls. There are volunteer links on the
same page with the video. You can do something. You must do
something. Please help.

And let election day this time be a bright and shining day where we
the people actually start to take back control of our own government.

Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Donations to Cindy Sheehan for Congress are not tax-deductible

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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