Thursday, September 18, 2008

TAKE ACTION against Political Repression at the DNC and the RNC!

From Elaine Brower and Prachi Noor, members of the World Can't Wait National Steering Committee:

The police repression of anti-war protest that took place at both national political conventions deeply angered members of the peace community, as well as the many people in this country who were shocked at the behavior of law enforcement. There are those who might believe this brutalization of those who were peacefully demonstrating, with permits issued by the City, and which people believe is their 'right' under the Constitution, was an aberration or "over-reaction."

However, what we saw was am emerging police state further testing new weapons and tactics, and learning how much they can get away with.

In St. Paul, the repression began with over a year ago with infiltration by paid informers of protest organizers, and "pre-emptive" raids on private homes and meeting places, leading to overtly political "conspiracy" charges. Police from around the country were led by Homeland Security in the wanton use of concussion grenades thrown in succession at retreating protesters; smoke bombs; an array of tear gas & pepper gas; wooden batons (bats); weapons, including AR15 automatic assault rifles drawn on unarmed and passive people; riot control horses and dump trucks with blades down as if to scoop up anyone in the streets.

This fierceness of control is what is done in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 7 ½ years in our names by our military and mercenaries alike, and what has and always will be done in communities of color when no one is looking. But now we see it going high-tech, and co-ordinated with charges of "furtherance of terrorism" under the Minnesota version of the PATRIOT Act.

818 people were arrested in St. Paul, including nearly 40 media from alternative and mainstream outlets. The "RNC8," members of "The RNC Welcoming Committee," are charged with felony "intent to riot in furtherance of terrorism" and face a sentence of 7 ½ years.

People of conscience must stand together in outrage and not accept this repression from the government on the people. We cannot allow these actions to go quietly into the night and forgotten. A massive outpouring of support for the RNC8 is critical. Every detail of the illegitimate detentions in Guantanamo-like conditions, beatings, taserings, denial of medication, medical treatment, food, legal representation and threats must be uncovered, denounced, and never repeated.

We are seizing the opportunity to have our voices heard in unison, denouncing the fascist direction of this country. It is with the utmost urgency and for the sake of stopping the police state and reversing this course that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

By signing this statement we pledge to do everything we can to call attention to, and demand justice for those unjustly arrested and charged at the Denver and St. Paul protests.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime

The last days of the American Empire are near. The destruction of our civil rights of dissent and protest are a symptom of this fall. It is the duty of all good citizens to stand against tyranny. This is the cause passed down by our forefathers, now it is ours to earn, we must survive or die trying.

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