Monday, July 21, 2008

$upport Congressman Wexler

Impeach President Bush

At issue here is nothing less than the Rule of Law:
The President does not have the authority to violate US law.

Let there be no mistake, we must not waver in our fight against terrorism, but we cannot allow this fight to be used as a means of undermining the most fundamental American civil liberties and human rights.

This Administration has seized every opportunity to use terrorist threats to scare the public and improperly consolidate power in the Executive. In turn, the public has watched as two centuries of constitutional protections are torn apart. Our enemies across the world use brutal, monstrous tactics to scare us. In response, Bush and Cheney illegally formulated their own American brand of brutality - including water boarding and infliction of physical pain that gives the impression of impending death.

By torturing prisoners - the Administration has put us in even greater danger - as whatever information that is gained through past torture would likely be inadmissible and endanger the trials of those that we would otherwise want to keep detained.

We must stand against the illegal and outrageous actions of the Bush Administration – actions that definitely constitute high crimes.

I will continue to stand beside you as we force accountability for this White House. Keep up your efforts and keep faith.

Congressman Robert Wexler

Never Forget

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