Monday, June 16, 2008

Ava's Army

"Fear is a powerful tool.
Which is why they use it against us.

Optimism comes from courage.
Not being afraid of poverty or public opinion,
it gives you the hope and optimism to
change the future.
That's what THEY are afraid of...

Fear is a powerful tool,
and they will continue to use it
until YOU stand up."
- Ava Lowery

Ava Lowery is the 17 year old peace activist and video producer from Alabama behind the website,

If you know any teen-age activists please encourage them, and let them know about Ava. Their voice can make a difference.

Some of Ava's Videos:

"People say,
'Well, MY rights haven't been taken away.'
but you look at that history, and how rights have been taken away
from people in various countries, and societies,
and once it is to a point where it is directly affecting you,
its a little too late to do anything about it.
So, we have to take it on now."
- Ava Lowery

Never Forget

Building 7 WTC 2001

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