Friday, August 8, 2008


He is a better man than I. He has intelligence and compassion, and he speaks from experience about all aspects of American life. He is the embodiment of America's collective dreams, and he just may just have the right stuff to do the job.

This election is far too important to loose. The 2008 Election will decide if the American Experiment is over. Will this be the year that our Democratic Republic fades into history, to be replaced by a corrupt corporate fascism? If our once precious American Liberty is to continue to brighten this world it will require sacrifice. We must be the leaders we have been waiting for, else it will be extinguished by those who would return all free people to the yoke of an elite royalty of economic empire.

It is my belief that anyone who votes for the Neo-Conservative Republicans in this upcoming election is voting against American Values of Liberty, Justice, Equality, and Self-Reliance. These are the TRUE American values, they go far beyond the petty 'Family Values' of our opposition. They are not values limited to any one party, race, religion, gender, or nation. These values are not owned by any group of people, they are FUNDAMENTAL AMERICAN VALUES, and it is time, we need to embrace them.

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