Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 12th, Film Screening: Loose Change

Hope to see you all next week: Saturday, April 12, at CSU San Marcos, at
Academic Hall, Room 102, for the Screening of the Film "Loose Change"

Afterward, plan to stay for a discussion of the film and to meet with us
at the "Old California Coffee House and Eatery", 1080 San Marcos Bvld.
Suite 176, (760) 744-2112,, until 11:00 PM

If anyone needs a ride from San Diego, or wants to car pool, call (619)
206-4361 or email
I'll be attending the workshop below till, 5:30.


Phil said...

Minutes: April 12th, 2008 Meeting

Someone requested Minutes be posted for this meeting, and although we didn't have an AGENDA, other than see Loose Change Film and talk at coffee shop, and I'm not sure we should be documenting our private talks, I want to oblige.

We talked about:

The probability that conspiracy theories and facts used in them, such as in the films Zeitgeist and Loose Change, are true and constitute a real problem.

Unable to gain direct access to the scientific evidence, most of which has been destroyed or classified by the U.S. Government, other than the video pictures of the films. We agreed to presume that at least a significant portion (say 30%) of the things implied by these films are 'true' in the broadest sense.

Thus, we focused upon what possible motives people or groups might have for such a huge set of conspiracies and cover-ups.

We asked the questions:

Who would benefit from a process that destroyed property and lives on such a massive scale, and resulted in restricting U.S. Constitutional Freedoms, while spending $Trillions on unnecessary wars?

What groups could possibly benefit from the devaluation of U.S. Currency, and how would such shift power and control in the world?

Our conclusion is that only the very rich, those who own the media, banks, energy corporations, military-industrial-congressional-complex, and old-money royalty would benefit from the financial degradation and restriction of personal liberty.

Then we discussed the potential outcomes.
Assuming that our conclusion is the case, what should the individual do to protect his/her freedoms and ensure financial survival?

Several proposals were made. I think that only people within our 315pm, and personally invited guests should have access to the specifics. However, I can publish this much:

To secure our personal liberty, and protect our ability to survive in the potentially dangerous environment on the horizon, we all need to work tother, inside and outside of the existing matrix of systems, to maximize efficient control of the flowing critical areas.

Education: includes securing personal access to information, public education about issues, contacts within existing political structures, and securing private libraries of critical information.

Energy: includes securing independent, self-sustaining energy sources, and maximizing efficiency by limiting energy consumption.

Health: including everything from independent, environmentally conscious food production to securing knowledge of all Medical and Agricultural Technologies to protect ourselves from biological hazards.

Communication: includes securing independent self sustaining access to all forms of Media, computer networks, and wireless, radio, TV, etc.

Economics: Securing independent, self-sustaining, organizations of ethical social-businesses within the existing legal structures and maximizing our financial independence, while efficiently using the advantages of the existing business infrastructures, is a necessary step in achieving maximum liberty while procuring necessary resources and educating ourselves.

In short, we agree that securing access to self-sustaining forms of all resources that are necessary for independent survival, our basic needs, is the first step in securing our future survival.

Doing this while continuing to educate ourselves and expanding our community to create a united, yet distributed, population of sovereign individuals in a Jeffersonian like democracy, is a key necessary to our goals of survival, fulfilling our potential, and protecting our American Constitutional Liberties.

That's what I got out or our discussion, but please comment if I left something out, or you need more clarification.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a supurb job summing it all up!
One other thing we spoke about was awakening others.

Bringing this knowledge to them in small, bite sized bits so they might be able to digest it easily and come to the realization of what is really happening in the world.

We also spoke about trying to bring a new person each month. We have 4 weeks in which to give pieces of this puzzle to those we care about, our fellow man. If they want to know more, if they feel the same way we do, Invite Them!


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